North London Partners in Health and Care

Our engagement approach for North London Partners in Health and Care

North London Partners in Health and Care is made up of 21 organisations, including Islington CCG, who together serve a population of more than 1.5 million people from the London boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington.  As partners we have a shared vision, a collective agenda and the commitment to transform the health and care services of north London. Our ambition is for our communities to be happier, healthier and to live longer in good health

Our vision is to create a better health and social care system so we can deliver positive results in these areas and make north London a place where no one is left behind. 

To help us achieve this, over the next five years we aim to:

  • increase our prevention programmes with the aim of supporting people to stay well and when people become unwell, to recover quickly
  • partner with people and organisations to help our residents to remain independent for as long as possible as they age, and to have more control over their own health and wellbeing
  • give our children and their mothers the right support so they can have the best possible start in life
  • provide care closer to home so people only go to hospital when it is clinically necessary.

Wellbeing partnership

The wellbeing partnership is a part of the North London Partners in Health and Care that specifically looks at services between Haringey and Islington. We have led on developing the engagement approach for the wellbeing partnership.

Community Insight

Over the past two years, we and our partner organisations have conducted numerous engagement activities that have helped to inform our plans.

We have taken a lead role in collating this information and producing several summary reports. The reports highlight that many of our communities gave the same feedback and have the same issues with more than one of our service areas. This can be seen in reports below.

From this we created a list of general service points which we have asked staff to be aware of within their work.  

As the programmes develop and more engagement takes place we will update this page to include engagement opportunities and how North London Partners in Health and Care are responding to the insight recommendations.

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