Choice and Control

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring local residents get the personalised care and support that suits them. Choice and Control is a service that gives people more of a say over their care. As part of NHS England’s Personalised Care Programme Islington Clinical Commissioning Group is testing and developing new ways of offering more personalised healthcare and better integration of health, social care, education, and the voluntary and community sector.

Choice and Control supports people with a range of long-term conditions and disabilities, and helps their carers and families to take a more active role in their health and wellbeing. They have better access to support in the community, and greater choice and control over their care.

Who can benefit from Choice and Control?

Two groups currently benefit from Choice and Control:

  • adults with long-term conditions, mental health needs and social care needs
  • children who are looked after and who have – or are at risk of developing – mental health problems

Information about the service for these two groups can be found by clicking on the respective ‘Choice and Control for adults’ and ‘Choice and Control for children’ pages.

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