Choice and Control for adults

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring local residents get the personalised care and support that suits them. Choice and Control gives people more of a say over their care.

Choice and Control is available for adults who are registered with an Islington GP and have all of the following:

  • a long-term condition, for example, diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • a mental health problem or a physical health condition, which is making your mental health worse
  • care needs that mean you need assistance with daily living and maintaining your independence or social interaction

People that want to access Choice and Control are offered coaching from someone with a similar condition. Together they talk about what is important to each other, whilst setting health and wellbeing goals.

Could you benefit from Choice and Control?

Health professionals in Islington ask people they think would benefit from a more personalised approach if they would like to be part of Choice and Control. If you would like to try this new approach and meet the eligibility criteria you can make an inquiry by email: 

Would you like to help to design Choice and Control?

We are looking for people with experience of a long-term condition, a mental health diagnosis, and a social care need to help the NHS and social care services to work better for people with complex health needs.

This could involve:

  • assisting with the creation of leaflets and other materials
  • attending meetings that influence service design and decision making

If you'd like to find out more, please email the Choice and Control team: