When your information might be shared with other organisations

Islington CCG commissions a number of organisations (both within the NHS and outside of the NHS) to provide healthcare services to you. We may also share anonymised statistical information with providers for the purposes of improving local services, for example to understand how health conditions spread across our local area when compared against other areas. 

Where information sharing is required with third parties, we will always have a relevant contract and data sharing agreement in place. We would not share any detailed health information without your explicit consent unless there are exceptional circumstances such as when the health and safety of others is at risk, to prevent fraud, protect children and vulnerable adults from harm or where the law requires it (a formal court order has been serves requiring us to do so). 

In these cases, permission to share must be given by our Caldicott Guardian, who is the senior person in the CCG responsible for ensuring the protection of confidential patient and service user information. We are obliged to tell you that we have shared your information unless doing so would put you or others at risk of harm.  

The law provides some NHS bodies, particularly the Health and Social Care Information Centre (NHS Digital), with permission to collect and use patient data to help commissioners to design and procure the combination of services that best suit the population that they serve. The patient data that is supplied is not in a form that will identify you.