About Us

Islington was one of the first Clinical Commissioning Groups to be authorised in England, with a clear vision and shared priorities for commissioning the best health services for our local community. Our CCG is made up of 34 GP practices across the borough, and we are responsible for commissioning around £300 million of healthcare services for the people of Islington.

Working to a shared set of priorities, we work closely with our local council, with patients and service users, and with our service partners to get the best possible services for those in our community.

With a population of just under a quarter of a million living in an area under six square miles, Islington is the most densely populated borough in the United Kingdom. This brings unique challenges such as high levels of variation in the health of the local population, London’s highest rate (20%) of population moving in and out of borough, and a large number of registered individuals with long-term conditions, amongst many other challenges.

In November, Islington became one of England’s fourteen pioneer sites, with ambitious plans to develop a more integrated approach to care within the borough, improving the experience of care and ensuring the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for our local community. We are well on the way to delivering an integrated approach to health and social care, with a strong focus on prevention and supported self-care, a ground breaking approach to put patients in more control of their care.

More information about our organisation and our plans for Islington is available in our Prospectus.

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group has been established to commission health services for our patients and the population of Islington and we are accountable to NHS England


  • We are required to make decisions about what health services the local population needs (commissioning)
  • The CCG is made up of the 34 GP practices in Islington
  • The practices have decided how the CCG operates by developing a constitution
  • The CCG has an elected governing body made up of lead clinicians and NHS managers
  • We work jointly with the Health and Wellbeing Board and in partnership with the London Borough of Islington to help improve health and wellbeing and ensure integrated health and social care for their patients.
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