Care Closer to Home

As commissioners of health care, the Islington shadow Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to the vision of improving access to more services and delivering care closer to patients’ homes.  The Care Closer to Home Strategy demonstrates the group’s holistic approach to achieving this vision through integrated care commissioning.  The strategy will support areas where care closer to home initiatives have already been implemented and areas identified for further opportunities.  

The interconnectedness of the care closer to home strategy with the primary care strategy; urgent care strategy; commissioning intentions; patient and public participation, equality and diversity strategy; and partners’ service delivery strategies is fundamental to delivering the care closer to home goals.  The goal of improving the quality of care services is a noticeable common link with the primary care strategy.

Development of a care closer to home delivery group will be essential to help prioritise changes to service areas and to facilitate delivery of the strategy.   The City University care closer to home project, which aims to make major improvement to care closer to home opportunities in Islington, across clinical areas with a focus on COPD and diabetes will also support the implementation of the strategy.