Becoming a CCG

The Health and Social Care Act 2011 means that PCTs will close in April 2013 and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – led by our local GPs - will take over responsibility for planning and commissioning local healthcare services. Our other functions will transfer to the new NHS Commissioning Board, other NHS bodies, and local authorities.

Islington CCG has made excellent progress this year preparing for their important new responsibilities and is one of just 35 emerging CCGs in the country identified by the new NHS Commissioning Board to be in the first wave of CCGs going forward for full authorisation in October 2012.

Other functions that we provide, such as public health, have also begun to move towards their new homes. Our local public health team is now co-located with the local authority, while continuing to work closely with us and with Islington CCG.

We will continue throughout the coming year to build on the achievements and progress we have made to ensure that the transition for our functions to the new NHS system is smooth and effective for local people.



Update - 27th September 2012

We, Islington CCG, have now been through the second phase of our Authorisation process, which is an all day meeting with our peers to further prove we have the ability to commission health services for our population.

In phase one, our documents were reviewed by our peers. Out of 119 different criteria over the 6 domains above, we gave enough evidence to "tick off" 78, and 41 criteria needed further discusison and clarification. These were the subject of our second phase meeting.

The day consisted of Islington CCG's Chair and Chief Officer giving an overall presentation on Islington - its population and challenges, how we work with our partners and patients, the work we are already doing (e.g. our structures, our objectives, our strategies, our finances), and what our plans are for the future.

We then broke up into 4 smaller groups to answer questions which explored those 41 remaining criteria. It required us to give more detail on these areas, and show that we have knowledge and good processes which enable us to work effectively.

We feel the day went really well, and the feedback we got from our peers was really positive. A couple of areas we still need to work on are around formalising our relationship with other CCGs (setting out how we can work together), and our relationship with our Commissioning Support Unit, who we will have a contract with to support us in our work. We are already underway in doing this, and we feel that we will be able to fulfill these criteria quite soon.

The results of our whole application will be reported up to the Department of Health and Secretary of State, and we await the final results of our Authorisation process - which we will then share with you here. 

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos we presented to our peers on the day, which will help give you a flavour of who we are, and what our partners have to say about us