CareMyWay Integrated Digital Care Record

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group

Consent guide

What consent model is being used to create my record?

The CareMyWay Professional system uses an informed implied consent model to create a shared record. This means if you do not want a CareMyWay Professional record, you need to contact or visit your GP practice by the 17th October 2016 and tell them that you have chosen not to participate.

If you would like a CareMyWay Professional record you do not need to do anything. We will create a record for you which will be available to health and social care professionals from the 17th October 2016.

What consent model is being used to view my record?

Explicit consent will be provided by a patient or an approved representative when they are asked to share information available on CareMyWay Professional to allow your CareMyWay Professional record to be shared between other organisations or to allow a health or social care professional to view these records.

How will health and social care professionals gain consent to view my records?

If explicit consent has not already been given, you will be asked for consent to view your information that is available via the CareMyWay Professional system. You should understand:

  • The sources of information in CareMyWay Professional.
  • The likely information shared from each source.
  • Who will be able to view the record after they have consented and for how long.
  • That you are able to withdraw their consent to view the record at any point.


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