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Below are a number of frequently asked questions that came out of our engagement work with the local residents about CareMyWay. This page will be updated to reflect questions that are received from across all of our provider organisations.

What is CareMyWay Professional?

CareMyWay Professional is a local project to combine health and social care data from each of the organisations that provide health and social care services to residents from the borough of Islington. This will initially include Islington GPs, the Whittington Hospital NHS Trust, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (mental health) and Islington Council (adult and children’s social care). But we will add more organisations over time. Which means that for the first time all of your health and social care data will be stored in one place.

Why provide CareMyWay?

Health and social care professionals can make better decisions about your care if they have up to date, more complete information available to them. CareMyWay will improve information sharing between the organisations providing health and social care services so that more time can be spent on care and better decisions can be made about your care.

Do I have to give my permission before my CareMyWay Professional can be viewed?

Yes, you will be asked before a health and social care professional looks at your record. You also have the right to say that health and social care professionals are not allowed to view it. There are a few exceptions where health or social care professionals can view your record without permission, such as where you are in emergency care services and unable to give permission. In these exceptions, the health and social care professional will ask you for permission at the earliest opportunity and must give a reason explaining why they accessed your record.

When I give my permission, who can view my Record?

When you give permission for health and social care professionals to view your CareMyWay Professional, you are giving permission for every health and social care professional directly involved in your care to view your CareMyWay Professional. This means they don’t have to ask every time they need to view your record. This may include social care professionals, GPs, clinical staff at hospital trusts, nurses, mental health and social care professionals.

What do I do if I don't want to share my information with CareMyWay?

You can either completely opt-out from CareMyWay or just opt-out of sharing your information from certain organisations. You can do this at any time. To completely opt-out from CareMyWay you need to contact or visit your GP Practice and tell them that you have chosen not to participate. To opt out from sharing information from a specific provider e.g. Islington Council, you should contact the organisation and inform the relevant health and care professional or the organisation’s Information Governance lead and tell them that you have chosen not to share your information from their organisation with CareMyWay.

When I give my permission to view my Record how long does my permission last?

Your permission will last until you are asked for it again by a health and social care professional which should be each time you are seen by your own GP.

What information will be on my record?

Information on the CareMyWay Professional will include: dates and outcomes of hospital visits, upcoming appointments, referrals, prescribed medications, allergies, investigations such as blood tests, diagnoses, support plans, planned review dates and the types of care package, care plans and details of healthcare professionals involved in your care. CareMyWay Professional will not include sensitive information such as sexual health, termination of pregnancy, HIV status or fertility treatment.

How are my records linked up?

In the first instance via your individual NHS number. If this is not available we then use other key identifiers such as name, address and date of birth. The CareMyWay Professional system uses specially designed matching software, which it uses to link together matching records.

How do I know the records won’t contain someone else’s details  by accident?

If the system can’t confirm a match, the demographics for both records are flagged for review to check whether the records belong to the same person. There has been extensive testing around patient matching.

Will I have to have a CareMyWay record?

No. If you do not want a CareMyWay Record you need to contact or visit your GP practice by the 17th October 2016 and tell them that you have chosen not to participate. By choosing not to participate, none of your clinical data will be shared.  Demographic data including name, address and date of birth will still be shared.

If you choose not to have a CareMyWay Professional this will also prevent your information being shared with the Whittington NHS Foundation Trust and University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for the purposes of your direct care.

What if I have chosen not to have a CareMyWay Professional but decide I would like one?

You can choose to have a CareMyWay Professional at any time. If you chose not to participate you will need to contact your GP practice and tell them that you have now chosen to have a CareMyWay Record.

Will you share my information for secondary purposes?

We will make clinical information available so that Islington CCG and Islington Council can analyse the health and social care needs of the local population. This will not include any personal information and will only be used to ensure that Islington CCG and Islington Council can deliver the best possible health and social care services for the local population based on information from CareMyWay Professional.

Will my data be sold to insurance companies, drug companies and for other external users?

No. CareMyWay Professional will only be used by NHS and Islington Council health and social care services to improve the care we provide and to allow us to commission services that better suit the needs of our population.

What measures are in place to ensure that my CareMyWay record is secure?

CareMyWay is supplied and hosted by British Telecommunications. CareMyWay data is held in a physically secure environment within BTs own Data Centres that are ISO 27001 accredited. Access to the physical storage hardware is strictly controlled and limited to staff with appropriate security clearance and vetting.  Security procedures are in place to meet HSCIC (now NHS Digital) requirements for the secure hosting of Patient Identifiable Data (PID).

Health and Social care users routinely deal with patient sensitive data and will comply with the principles of confidentiality and respect the patients’ privacy. All CareMyWay Professional data is held on a secure system as outlined above. This keeps a record of everyone who has viewed your health and social care record, the time and date they viewed it and the information they were viewing.

The laws on data protection are clear and we take them very seriously. We will regularly check to make sure that only people who need to see your CareMyWay Record are viewing it.

Can my CareMyWay Record be viewed on the internet from any computer?

No. Access to the CareMayWay Professional is only possible via a secure connection which can only be accessed by health and care professionals.

Can I look at my Care My Way Record?

Patients have the right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to request access to any information that an organisation holds about them by making a subject access request to the organisation.

From August 2017 you will be able to view your record through the CareMyWay Personal app and web portal.

Is CareMyWay Professional linked to Care.Data or Summary Care Records?

No. CareMyWay Professional is a stand-alone initiative being run and supported by Islington Clinical Commissioning Group, Islington Council and partner organisations within the borough of Islington.

What happens if I move?

If you don’t change your GP, the record will remain active but can only be viewed by organisations that they have granted access to. If this changes we will let you know. However, if you change your GP, their record will be no longer accessible unless your new GP also works at an Islington practice. We are only integrating records for patients registered at an Islington GP practice.

Who can I contact for more information?

You can contact your GP for more information or you can visit the Islington Clinical Commissioning Group website:

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