Community Development and working with the third sector

Strong partnership working with the local community and voluntary sector, social enterprise organisations and Islington Council is at the core of our engagement approach. The local community and voluntary sector deliver a range of wellbeing support to our local communities. We often commission engagement through these organisations, as we recognise the strong relationships they have with local people and the important role they play in improving the health and wellbeing of local communities.

We work closely with the Council to ensure that we have a joint approach and can share best practice and learning.   

As an organisation we were keen to develop the community engagement we undertook into community development. Our aim has been to develop an approach where we could work with local people to both assess their needs but uncover the amazing skills and strength found in local communities and by working with those communities improve their wellbeing. 

We seek to empower local communities (whether geographical communities, communities of interest or identity and communities organising around specific themes or policy initiatives) and create projects that help people to recognise and develop their ability and potential and organise themselves to respond to problems and needs which they share.  We work to establish strong communities that control and use assets to promote health equality and help improve the quality of community life.