Community Research and Support Programme

Islington CCG is committed to hearing and acting upon the voice of the local community and to ensuring that there is equitable access for all of our diverse Islington population. We recognise that certain communities face specific barriers to accessing traditional health services and will often seek support through their local community first.

Over the last three years we have delivered the Community Research and Support Programme with local community organisations. The aim of this programme is to act on the CCG’s commitment to engage with different communities in Islington, in particular those that face barriers to accessing statutory services. We want to understand people’s experiences of services, and gather their views on what impacts their health and wellbeing so that we can feed these views into our service design, commissioning programmes and strategic planning. As part of this programme, we also aim to enable local community organisations to better support and signpost their clients to ensure they get the right support and help that they need, when they need it.

Islington CCG recognises that a crucial part of reaching our diverse communities are through the relationships that have been built with the community and voluntary sector. This programme has now been running for three years and will continue run for the year ahead as we work to maintain and strengthen these relationships.

For the 2017/18 Research and Support programme we commissioned 3 projects: 

  • Diverse Communities: Health Voice - a consortia group led by HealthWatch Islington 
  • Help On Your Doorstep
  • Middle Eastern Women and Society Organisation (MEWSO), Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot Women’s Welfare Group (TKCWWG) and Holloway Neighbourhood Group (HNG).

 This work has meant we have been able to:

  • Capture the views of our community
  • Share information on accessing services with some of the groups who experience the most barriers to access.
  • Identify vulnerable members of the Islington community (who we would not otherwise have been able to reach) who have more complex needs and require additional support to access health services
  • Support community organisations to become more informed on NHS and other support services available, and to be able to more effectively signpost those who need them. They have also been able to offer more intensive support to those in their communities that need it.

The reports from the last 3 years of the project and the CCG’s response show our work and findings. (Reports from 2018 projects were received in September 2018 and the CCG is currently working on an action plan and response).

The research

For the 2018/19 Programme we have commissioned 3 projects.

  • The Peel will be working with the Somalian community in Islington, looking specifically at barriers they experience to accessing mental health support and services, and the stigma they experience.
  • Help on Your Doorstep and Claremont are working in partnership focussing on Social Isolation, and Navigation and Social Prescribing.
  • Healthwatch will be leading the Diverse Communities project also focussing on Social Isolation, and Navigation and Social Prescribing.

For more information about any of these projects please contact


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