Community Wellbeing Project

Supporting local communities to look after their health and providing access to holistic services is a priority for   us, Islington Council and our partners in the voluntary and community sector. We work closely with Islington Council and the voluntary and community sector to develop projects and funding opportunities which support our aims.

Since March 2014, Help on Your Doorstep has been delivering the Community Wellbeing Project in the New River Green Estate. (change this link to link to HOYD website: )
The project has been delivered by two local estate residents, many local estate volunteers and has engaged with the community to gather insights on local needs, assets and priorities.

Insight has been gathered in a number of ways across the course of the project including:

  • a review of five years’ worth of data
  • responses from health and wellbeing surveys
  • focus groups
  • a young person’s health and wellbeing film project
  • speaking and getting feedback from people at the community events
  • case studies and measuring the wellbeing impact of the project.

The community centres on the estate now have a weekly activities schedule that includes:

  • a community coffee morning
  • over 55 monthly film club night
  • exercise classes for all ages
  • community events.

The project also links in with local services including NHS services, council departments, and community police to communicate and address community issues such as access to services, community safety, the built environment and green spaces.

In the last two years we have begun to measure the wellbeing impact of the projects and have evaluated how the project has helped people feel more positive about their health and wellbeing and community, increased their physical activity levels, improved their sense of confidence and their overall wellbeing. Please read the reports for 2017 and 2018 to find out more.

For more information on the project you can read

Due to the success of the New River Estate project we now have a further two projects with Islington Council, Cripplegate and Peabody Housing association on the:

  • Kings Cross area
  • Bemerton Estate

We are working with Help On Your Doorstep to deliver both projects.

Like the New River Green project, the two pilots focus on a small geographical community and aim to make improvements which will directly improve the community’s quality of life and wellbeing. By working with the local community to assess what their needs are and also what assets and skills they have, we can work with them to design what they feel they need to improve their wellbeing. We will then support the community to take action on this.  

All of the projects have employed local people from the estate to lead the delivery and gather the insights from the residents.

These pilots, combined with evaluation of the New River Green project, will help us to gain valuable learning around how we use resources to develop projects with community groups – used in a way which they choose – to improve health and wellbeing outcomes which are not only sustainable but, in the longer term, provide potential savings.