Our engagement approach

We are committed to patient and public engagement and our approach to engagement places local communities at the heart of all that we do. Community involvement runs throughout the organisation from our commissioning intentions, strategy and service design and development, to procurement and contract monitoring. We are committed to hearing our local communities’ views and ensuring we include them in every part of the commissioning process. Along with this, we are dedicated to working with local communities and patients to support our them to be able to better manage their own health needs and achieve optimal well-being, no matter who they are and what their circumstances might be.

To ensure we are accountable as an organisation, the local community are part of our governance. Community members or representatives sit on all of our Committees and Boards. We have two lay members on our Governing Body, a clinical lead for community engagement and self- care and HealthWatch Islington are a member of our Governing Body and all three of the CCG’s Committees.

Supporting local communities to look after their health and providing access to holistic services is a priority for us, for Islington Council and for our partners in the voluntary and community sector. We work closely with Islington Council and the voluntary and community sector to develop projects and funding opportunities which support this.

Our approach involves strong partnership working with our key partners, local third sector organisations and the communities they serve. We continue to engage with those who are already open to sharing their views with us, actively seek out those we are not hearing from and always strive to speak to the most vulnerable, who might need support to highlight the needs and views they have. We hold open forums during the year to continue these conversations, strengthen existing relationships we have with local residents and the community sector, and further assess the way in which we are engaging with, and working with them. We hold an open forum, Health Exchange, with the local community, voluntary and social enterprise sector and with Islington Patient and Community Group.

Engagement runs throughout our organisation and our staff are committed to making it part of their role. We offer regular training to support them with this.

We are committed to continuing to build on, strengthen and progress our engagement work.