Health Voice Islington


Islington is one of London's most diverse and dynamic boroughs with a population of almost 250,000 people, all with extremely varied health needs. NHS Islington Clinical Commissioning Group aims to buy high quality services that are good value for money and that meet the needs of everyone in the borough. You can help us by filling in this short survey.

Your feedback will help us improve and shape the healthcare services that you receive and identify gaps in the services as well as areas that need improving.

By answering the questions in this survey you will be providing us with invaluable information about health services in Islington. The answers you provide will be completely anonymous. We will not ask you for any personal or identifying information. Your opinion is important to us.

You can comment on multiple services in questions 3-6, but please specify which service you are commenting on

1. When did you last use NHS services?
2. Which service have you used in the last 12 months? (You can tick more than one service)

6. What three things do you think would make the biggest difference for the NHS in Islington?