Annual 360 stakeholder survey 2015

Every year, the Ipsos MORI independent survey helps us to hear from our local partners about how we are engaging and listening to them. The survey is commissioned through NHS England during April of each year and collects views from all those we work with including: 

  • GP Member Practices
  • HealthWatch Islington
  • Patient and public participation representatives
  • NHS providers across mental health, community and acute care
  • Other CCGs we work with (Camden, Haringey)
  • North East London Commissioning Support Unit
  • Social and community care, voluntary and third sector organisations. 

Overall, our stakeholders have told us that we are a strong organisation that engages and listens to its population. There are high levels of confidence in our ability to commission high quality, cost effective resources; and high levels of confidence in the leadership provided by our member practices. 

We have also been told where people would like us to do more, and this is in areas that we welcome and are already working to address. We want to give local stakeholders and local service users greater opportunities to be involved in our work to commission high quality health care and we want to improve how we communicate commissioning decisions. We are also working to strengthen our leadership role in the health economy, to improve the quality of services that our residents need. 

We are developing a plan to strengthen these areas.