Choice and Control

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to ensuring local residents get the personalised care and support that suits them. Choice and Control is the name for all local services that:

  • give service users more choice and control over how their health and care needs are met, and 
  • deliver NHS England's Personalised Care Programme Recommendations, as per the 2019 NHS England Long Term Plan.

The name  'Choice and Control' was co-produced with Islington health and care service users, the Islington CCG and Islington Council. Islington CCG and other local partners are continually testing and developing new ways of offering more personalised healthcare and better integration of the health, social care, education and the voluntary and community sectors.

If you would like further information, please contact us on:

Choice and Control covers the following:


Care and Support Planning:

Care and support planning is offered in a number of areas including:

  • Adults with one or more long term conditions. Your local GP Practice can help you to create a Care and Support Plan or provide you with a copy of your existing Care and Support Plan.

  • Mental Health Services. Your lead care professional can help you to create a Care and/or Support Plan or provide you with a copy of your existing Care and/or Support Plan.

  • Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and CHC Personal Health Budgets. The Islington CHC Clinical Team can support you to create a CHC Care and Support Plan or provide you with a copy of your existing CHC Care and Support Plan.

  • Continuing Care (CC) and CC Personal Health Budgets. The Islington CC Team can support you to create a CC Care and Support Plan for you and your child or provide you with a copy of your existing CC Care and Support Plan.

  • Personal Health Budgets. Please see the Personal Health Budgets section.

Self-care or Supported Self-Management:

We commission a wide range of programmes and initiatives that support you to have the right knowledge and develop the skills you need to look after yourself. Some of these programmes are for people with specific conditions and some are for people with one or more long-term conditions. Please click here to see the range of services available in Islington and how you can access them.

Social Prescribing

Social prescribing is about helping you to find ways to improve your health and wellbeing by linking you to initiatives and activities in your local area. 

Some people identify the health and wellbeing support that they need on their own. However, if you need help to find the right services for you, please contact:


Age UK Islington:


Telephone: 0207 281 6018

Address: AGE UK Islington, 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA



Help on Your Doorstep:


Telephone: 020 39316080

View HOYD offices across Islington



You may also find the following websites helpful:

My Health London

Islington Council Service Directory

Personal Health Budgets:

Personal health budgets (PHBs) are a way of personalising care, based around what matters to people and their individual strengths and needs. A personal health budget is an amount of money to support the identified healthcare and wellbeing needs of an individual, which is planned and agreed between the individual, or their representative, and the local clinical commissioning group (CCG). Please click here for more information about PHBs in Islington.

Islington will be looking to expand the above offer to new service areas over the next few years. Future offers may include: Section 117 After-care, Maternity, End of Life Care, Equipment, Long Term Conditions, and Social Prescribing.