Children’s continuing care and palliative care personal budgets

 Islington Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring people get the personalised care and support that suits them. Choice and Control gives people, including children, more of a say over their care.

All children and young people who are eligible for continuing care funding, or are in receipt of palliative care respite services from the Whittington Health Life Force team, are eligible for a Personal Health Budget.

Families can receive payments directly, so they can make their own arrangements to purchase the services they need. Alternatively, they could have their budget managed by a third party such as a charity, or the NHS can commission the service directly. If the family is in receipt of a personal budget from children’s social care and or education, the budgets can be combined into an integrated budget.

If you would like to find out more information about Personal Health Budgets for continuing care or palliative care funding please contact: