About Us

Islington Clinical Commissioning Group

We are Islington Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), a high-performing and innovative organisation with responsibility for planning, buying and monitoring local primary care, hospital services, mental health care, children's services and community services. We are responsible for commissioning around £340m of healthcare services ever year. Made up of 32 member GP practices, we serve a population of nearly 250,000 in an area of London covering less than 6 sq miles, making Islington one of the most densely populated boroughs in England. Islington faces unique healthcare challenges, including high levels of variation in the health of the local population. Islington was one of the first CCGs to be authorised by NHS England, with a clear vision and shared priorities for commissioning the best health services for our local community. 

Led by an ambitious clinical and management team, we are committed to tackling Islington’s biggest health challenges, improving the health and wellbeing of everyone in the borough. To make the most effective use of our resources and put us in the strongest position possible, our executive management team operates jointly with neighbouring Haringey CCG. The two CCGs are led by a single Chief Operating Officer, Tony Hoolaghan. Working more closely with Haringey CCG, Haringey Council and Haringey’s other partners patients across north London will enable us to strengthen the work we are doing locally, invest in new skills, develop stronger teams and organise ourselves in a way that will focus on the populations we serve.

Our partners

Further afield, Islington CCG and four neighbouring CCGs - Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington - have put in place management arrangements to support the delivery of the North Central London (NCL) Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP). This includes the establishment of an NCL Senior Management team to support delivery of the STP. This team is led by Helen Pettersen, Chief Officer for NCL and Accountable Officer for the STP. Helen leads work across north London, with us and our partners, to deliver the STP. It’s an exciting time for us, as we evolve as an organisation and develop new and closer relationships to better meet the challenges we face and improve patient care.