Medicines optimisation

Did you know?

  • One quarter of the population has a long-term condition
  • One quarter of people over 60 have two or more long-term conditions
  • With an ageing population, the use of multiple medicines (known as polypharmacy) is increasing
  • Between 30-50% of medicines prescribed for long-term conditions are not taken as intended

Medicines optimisation in Islington CCG is a key element of all our commissioning and improvement plans. We are working hard so that patients and the public understand how to get the best outcomes from medicines. We recognise that professionals and patients need to work more closely to improve the quality of medicines use.  Medicines optimisation in Islington is supported by clinical lead GPs, nurses and community pharmacists and we work closely with local hospitals, and colleagues in NHS England and neighbouring CCGs.


Islington CCG is a member of the North Central London Medicines Optimisation Network. North Central London Joint Formulary Committee recommendations and all local formularies are publically available here and include NICE Technology Appraisals.

Prescribing data sources

NHS Digital regularly publishes data on prescribing by CCG and it is available here. also hosts a series of publically available dashboards and the Islington CCG dashboard is available here.