Islington Implementation Plan

The ‘Islington Borough Primary-Integrated Care Implementation Plan 2012’ has been developed through clinical engagement and incorporates integrated care with primary care strategy implementation.

The plan supports other local strategies and the vision and priorities for Islington. The plan describes the initial approach that will be taken in Islington to develop primary and integrated care up to March 2015.

The Integrated Care Programme Board is leading on the implementation. A Primary Care Development Sub-group will have the oversight for the primary care implementation plan. It is proposed to have four sub-localities (networks) across Islington serving a registered population of approximately of 50,000. The model is based on the principles of having patients at the centre of the pathway and care planning and building on the learning and development culture in Islington.

Through organisational development funding withCityUniversity, Islington is in the process of finalising the revised pathways for COPD and diabetes. These have been developed through multi-stakeholder events which identified gaps in the current pathway.

Key deliverables for 2012/13 include:

  • Establishment of the four sub-localities jointly with community services
  • Launch of the diabetes, COPD pathways and frail elderly over 75 with co-morbidities
  • Information technology - continue with the roll out ofEMISweb, procurement of the risk stratification tool and build on the existing data warehouse
  • Implementation of the Board-link peer review and bi-monthly multidisciplinary education events