Adult Joint Commissioning Strategy

This strategy describes how the Council and the NHS will develop health and social care services for vulnerable and disabled adults over the coming five years. It sits alongside - and meshes with - a number of Islington’s other strategies including the Care Closer to Home Strategy, the Primary Care Strategy, the Urgent Care Strategy, Whittington Health’s Integrated Care Strategy, Islington’s Prevention Strategy and Islington’s Commissioning Strategy for Personalisation.

The Council and the NHS in Islington have a long and successful history of working in partnership. The strategy builds on that history through emphasising the importance of integrating our care services further. This is because ill, vulnerable or disabled people often need support from more than one service and, for their care to be effective, it needs to be well co-ordinated.

Integrated care is also essential because gaps or weaknesses in one part of the network of services often affect services elsewhere: for example, weaknesses in community services can cause unnecessary admissions to hospital, while over reliance on residential care diverts money away from community services, reducing their ability to support people at home. In a time of rising demand for services, growing public expectations and increasing financial constraint, it is therefore essential to make sure that social care, primary care, community health and acute hospital services work well together.