Our Vision, Mission Statement and Objectives

Our vision

Our vision is to develop a partnership between patients and their clinicians that together commissions high quality health services, which are good value for money and meet the needs of the population of Islington.

Mission statement

Every GP practice in Islington has agreed our mission statement:

"As practices we are committed to working together as a Clinical Commissioning Group to ensure our communities receive the best evidence based care possible within the available resources. We will strive to ensure that patients’ views are heard and that their journey through our local health system is seamless through integration and partnership working."

Our objectives

Our objectives are to:

  • Ensure every child has the best start in life
  • Prevent and manage long-term conditions to extend length and quality of life and reduce health inequalities
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Deliver high quality, efficient services with the resources available

Our values

Our values

The CCG and our Governing Body have agreed these values which show what the organisation stands for:

  • We commission the best of what the NHS has to offer
  • We are ‘Brave’/‘Ahead of the game’/ ‘Down to earth’
  • We are approachable, supporting our commitment to our patients and service users
  • We acknowledge and promote the work of our colleagues and partners
  • We listen to and support each other 
  • We challenge constructively
  • We acknowledge problems and look for creative solutions
  • We work openly and transparently
  • We have a reputation for integrity