Health Exchange

Health Exchange is a forum for community organisations that work with residents in Islington.

It’s a place where Islington CCG and Islington Council can hear feedback from community organisations around the issues that are most pertinent to the residents that they work with. The CCG shares its plans to help organisations have a better understanding of our key priorities, foster open communication and highlight opportunities for working together.          

Health Exchange is hosted by Manor Gardens Welfare Trust, an established local charity and voluntary sector service provider. Health Exchange is delivered in partnership with Islington CCG, and is commissioned by London Borough of Islington. It represents our integrated approach to improving the health and wellbeing of Islington residents. Collectively, we aim to:

  • improve understanding of the health and wellbeing across Islington
  • enable creative solutions to delivering wellbeing
  • identify service areas for future development
  • facilitate and highlight opportunities for joint working

Health Exchange aims to involve and integrate statutory and voluntary sector organisations in finding solutions and approaches to health priorities and agendas. We recognise that to do so involves enabling meaningful engagement and conversations between commissioners and the voluntary and community sector, as well as representation and understanding of community voices and needs. 

Health Exchange facilitates speakers from Islington CCG and Islington Council, and delivers workshops to explore and progress current agendas and work areas. It also offers an online portal, hosted by Knowledge Hub, to assist in connecting organisations, sharing information to enable collaboration.

Please register your interest in Health Exchange by contacting You will then receive an invitation to join the online portal.