How we measure impact

Every year the CCG has to demonstrate how we are meeting our statutory duties around patient and public engagement and involvement. Our work is assessed against a set framework by NHS England as part of their assurance process for all CCGs. In 2018 Islington CCG was rated ‘Good’ for our patient and public engagement.

Monitoring our engagement activity: Engagement Monitoring Dashboard   

In 2018 we developed an 'engagement monitoring dashboard' to recognise the good work that the CCG is doing around engagement and enabling us to have a single place where we could map our engagement activity and impact year on year. We created the dashboard following engagement with our lay members, clinical leads, community members and HealthWatch. The dashboard can help us demonstrate the impact engagement has on the way we commission and develop our services and strategic plans.  

The dashboard shows which groups we have engaged with, across which CCG work programmes or commissioning areas and the difference this engagement has had. We present this on a yearly basis to our Patient and Public Participation Committee – the CCG Committee that assures engagement across the organisation.  This is currently a live document and this is its first year of use – we will update it on this website throughout the year and as different projects and programmes develop.


You said, we did

Listening to and acting upon the feedback of our local community is a key part of how we commission, develop and design local services. We let patients and the public know how their feedback has been used so that they can see the impact their comments have made on shaping and improving local services.

Our commissioners also regularly review and monitor the quality and performance of services with our providers, which includes looking at patients’ experiences of these services. Below you can see some examples of how we have listened to what we have heard (You said) and how we have made changes based on this (We did).

You said.We did.

"Interpreting services need to be more accessible"

The CCG commissions an interpreting service for GP practices which has very good user feedback.

We worked with local GP practices to raise awareness of the interpreting service we commission. This includes: an information pack on how to book an interpreter for GP practices, regular reminders, support for those practices whose use is low and monitoring the use with HealthWatch Islington.

Our local Trusts are also under going a re-procurement exercise of their language interpreting service after hearing the poor patient experience.

"We want services that are closer to home and easy to get to"

We have moved services that were traditionally based in hospital into the community, this includes blood tests.

We are continuing to work on this area – to try to ensure as much support as possible is close to you.

"We would like more services to be offered in pharmacies so that we don’t always need to visit our GP or other health services and that more information is needed about the different services available at each pharmacy."

We identified the issue was how we promote pharmacy services as there are a range of services available through visiting your local pharmacy.

We have so far promoted the services through adverts in our local papers, twitter feed, our website, video screens in GP practices and at local community events.

"It is not always easy to know what to expect from services, how to access them and what our rights are. We would like clear and simple information to help us choose the right service."

We developed a NHS fact sheet for community groups and local people to use that explains what people can expect from services, how to access them and what your rights are. We are working with local organisations to share this information with their communities and using it whenever we do outreach with the local community.