Public consultation on proposed move of Moorfields Eye Hospital’s (City Road) services

This consultation closed on 16th September 2019

Following the end of the Moorfields consultation, a final report summarising the findings and an Integrated Impact Assessment and report ‘Consultation with people with protected characteristics and rare conditions’ is available here

The consultation, which ran between Friday 24 May and Monday 16 September, gave patients, staff, clinicians and the general public the opportunity to comment on the proposal to create a new centre for eye care, research and education in the St Pancras area. 

Led by Camden Clinical Commissioning Group and in partnership with NHS England (Specialised Commissioning), the consultation allowed thousands of people to get involved and have their say. Over 1,500 people completed the consultation survey and more than 2,000 people have given their feedback in other ways including emails, discussion groups, phone calls, letters and via the virtual assistant on the consultation’s website. 

What happens next?

A Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee led by local authorities in north central London is to give its view in response to the consultation, as required by national regulations. The committee will consider the proposal at its next public meeting on 31 January 2020. This is a public meeting and if you wish to attend, details can be found here

You are invited to the CCGs’ Committees-in-Common to consider the outcome of consultation and the Decision-Making Business Case which will be held on: 

An update will be provided after the February Committees-in-Common meeting with the outcome and next steps. 

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