Patient and Public Participation Strategy

We are committed to patient and public engagement. We make sure that it is embedded in all parts of our commissioning arrangements.

We are committed to hearing our local communities’ views and ensuring we include them in every part of the commissioning process. We support our patients and community to be able to manage their own health needs and achieve optimal well-being, no matter who they are and what their circumstances might be.

Our approach involves strong partnership working with our key stakeholders, local third sector organisations and the communities they serve. This approach means we work with and support the entire community. We continue to engage with those who are already open to sharing their views with us, whilst actively seeking to engage with the most vulnerable, who might require additional support to highlight the needs and views they have.

To ensure we are accountable as an organisation, the local community is part of our governance. Community members or representatives sit on all of our Committees and Boards. We have two lay members on our Governing Body and a Clinical Lead for community engagement and self-care. Healthwatch Islington are a member of our Governing Body and all three of the CCG’s Committees.

Engagement runs throughout our organisation. All our staff are committed to making it part of their roles.  

We are committed to continuing to build on, strengthen and progress our engagement work.

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Our Committee and strategy

One of the ways we assure our engagement is through our Patient and Public Participation Committee (PPPC). This is one of three committees that report into our Governing Body. The role of the committee is to ensure that strong and effective engagement (for individual and collective duty) is taking place in every area of the CCG's work.

Our key work programmes annually present to the committee to demonstrate that they have engaged with local communities and provide feedback on how they have used this insight in their commissioning. Presenters are required to provide detailed information about all engagement activities carried out, including any available demographic data. Alongside this, we also monitor how they are improving and supporting local people to look after their own health

To support this we have developed a Patient and Public Participation Strategy 2015/16 to 2020/21 including an action plan for each year. The strategy has four objectives by which we measure all engagement activities. These are:

  1. To support people to look after their own health and build the number of people who self-care in Islington.
  2. To involve and engage patients in all levels of decision making from commissioning decisions to service design to the delivery of community well-being projects.
  3. To ensure the local community are always informed and fed back to about the CCG's commissioning direction, and community and engagement work in Islington.
  4. To listen to, involve and consult individuals and groups that find it hard to have their say because they are socially excluded, vulnerable or experience the worst health. To ensure that they are all treated fairly and equally and that Islington CCG is meeting its responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010.  

Each year we update the overall progress of the strategy to the PPPC and have a yearly action plan to support the delivery of the five year strategy. Our previous action plan covers 2018 - 2019.

View the past papers for our PPP committee