Shaping services

Listening to and acting upon the feedback of our local community is a key part of how we commission, develop and design local services. This approach runs through all of our commissioning decisions and is a part of every member of staff’s role. On this page you will find our engagement library (below) as well as examples of how we strive to involve patients in the design of our services and programmes (for example our 'Choice and Control' Programme which you can find details of by clicking on the link on the right of this page).

Engagement library

Our library of reports and responses highlights the engagement work we have carried out, and how the recommendations from this work have been taken forward.

The library is a useful and live tool (it is updated regularly to include new reports) for local residents, our partners and staff. It outlines the range of issues that our local communities are concerned about and interested in and how the CCG is working to respond to these.

If you have any questions about any of the reports or topics covered within the library or would like to be involved in future projects please email us at


Research and Support Programme


Research and Support Programme
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Research and Support Programme

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