Walk-in centre

Islington walk-in Centre has been based at Ritchie Street Medical Centre since 2009 and is open to all members of the public. It is staffed by GPs and nurses and appointments are available every day from 8.30am. The contract for the walk-in centre will come to an end in 2019/20. Islington CCG is using this opportunity to review the walk-in centre within the context of other primary and urgent care services, to understand how the same level of current investment might be used differently to provide a better level of service to all Islington residents. It offers the chance to review how urgent primary care services are currently provided and to obtain and analyse direct responses from the people who use them and those on which it impacts in terms of workload. 

This review will ensure that any option for future service provision is clearly aligned to patient need, as well as alignment with CCG and national strategy for both urgent and primary care.  The overarching goal to which the CCG is committed is to increase access and to provide high quality primary care services to the people of Islington. 

The CCG has carried out an extensive programme of engagement working in partnership with Healthwatch Islington. This has included:

Phase 1 (June-August 2018):

Phase 2 (October-January 2019):

A review of all of the evidence collected across both phases of engagement has now been carried out by an independent researcher and is now being considered. You can read the review of evidence report here or by clicking on the download link on the right of the page.

We will update this page in December 2019 following the period of Purdah